ECM's Story


We are often asked what motivated us to start Emerald Coast Marine. Emerald Coast Marine, a boat dealer in Florida, was founded on the premise of providing current boaters, new boaters and potential boaters exactly what they have been asking for. Shawn and Keri have almost 20 years of combined marine dealership experience in our local market. Over those years, they have received tremendous feedback from thousands of clients. They have learned what type of products are desired, what motivates current boaters to continue enjoying this type of recreation and probably, most importantly, what has deterred current or potential boaters from enjoying our beautiful emerald waterways with family and friends.

Emerald Coast Marine is fortunate to operate in what is quite arguably one of the best places to boat, fish and enjoy watersports in the country, Niceville Florida! With that being said, ECM believes there are two type of people that live along the Emerald Coast: those with a passion for enjoying our emerald waters and those with the water gene that simply has not been properly introduced to the boating lifestyle. ECM’s goal is to provide the knowledge, skills and confidence while eliminating any intimidation that may come with owning or operating a boat. ECM is committed to listening to our valued customers and following through with providing them with the products and services when buying a boat or selling their own.

Meet Our Family

Shawn Talpey - President

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Keri Doscher - Vice President

850-499-3288 |

Bob Peavler - Service Manager

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Johnny Richardson - Shop Foreman & Master Service Technician

Philip Cocking - Certified Service Technician

Davied Lunsford - Marine Consultant

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Alex Hensley - Marine Consultant

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Ian Lunsford -Operations Support

Justin Rodriguez - Operations Support