Financing Options

Keri Doscher - Vice President

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Many customers are unfamiliar with the finance options available when buying a boat. Most feel that financing a boat would be most similar to what you would find when financing a car. In reality, boat financing is actually more similar to financing a home. Banks understand that boating is a recreational activity and provide much longer terms and favorable rates, making boating much more affordable than you may have thought. Our lenders provide boat financing terms for up to 20 years, which could allow you to enjoy your boating experience for a fraction of what you had anticipated as a monthly investment.

Keri has over 10 years of marine specific lending experience and the established relationships to get you the best deal on your boat loan. For additional information on boat financing or insurance, contact Keri at 850-499-3288 or or stop by our boat dealership in Niceville, Florida

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